Getting Ready for Sale


Be Conscious of Kerb Appeal

First impressions are vital so make sure that any front gardens are tidy, any weeds are removed from patio areas, the windows are clean and any bins are removed from the frontage if they are not out for collection.

If your front door is looking a little tired, then a quick coat of paint and some replacement door furniture or a good clean with some Upvc cleaner will make a big difference.


Freshen Up the Interior

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to smarten up a tired looking property. Deal with any minor repairs such as broken door knobs, cracked tiles or threadbare carpets as these will quickly be spotted by viewers.


Spring Cleaning

Give the property a thorough clean and concentrate in particular on making sure your bathroom and kitchen are sparkling. If your bathroom tiling is looking a little rough around the edges, then consider re-grouting to give it a facelift.


Show your Home in the Best Light

Ensure all light bulbs are working, and any dim ones replaced with a bright, new bulb.

Make sure all curtains/blinds are open to let the maximum possible amount of light into a room.


Clear up Clutter

Potential buyers need to imagine themselves living in your house, so try to minimize clutter – children’s toys piled up in the bedroom, shoes in the hallway, too many toiletries in the bathroom or knick-knacks in the lounge can all give viewers the impression that a property won’t be large enough for their needs. Clear as much away as possible to create a sense of space.


Manage your Mortgage

If you currently have a mortgage, contact your mortgage provider to check how much is owing on your mortgage and make sure there are no penalties for repayment that might affect your ability to move.

If you are going to be having a mortgage to enable you to purchase another property, then get some advice from a bank/building society or mortgage broker to find out what you can borrow and any costs involved. We would be happy to make a recommendation to an independent mortgage broker who has access to a wide range of different lenders if required, there would be no charge for an initial meeting but a fee would be payable on completion of the mortgage.


Plan for your Next Purchase

“I’m buying on, do I market when I’ve found something I want to buy…or what if I market now and find a buyer but can’t find something I like?”

This is probably the most common question that we get asked, and unfortunately there is no easy answer. However, if you are in this position then we would advise doing some research into the types of property that you are considering and perhaps arranging a few viewings to get a feel for what is available and be sure that moving is the right thing for you. If it is, then get your property on the market for sale as soon as possible.

Continue house hunting and draw up a shortlist of properties you like as you go. Try not to get hung up on “the one” and always keep a few alternatives in mind as the property market can move quickly and you may miss out on your first choice. Then when a buyer for your property does come along, you can revisit your shortlist and move quickly to make an offer and secure your chosen property.


Source a Solicitor

If you do not have one already, then you may wish to consider at this point getting some quotes for a solicitor to deal with the legal side of the sale on your behalf, as well as any ongoing purchase that you might have.

There are many companies who can provide quotes online for this. However, most of these companies will operate a “call centre” type operation out of the area so the person dealing with your transaction may not have the local knowledge or expertise to advise you should there be any bumps along the way.

That is why we would strongly recommend you consider using a solicitor local to the area as they are aware of issues with properties locally that may come up during the conveyancing procedure e.g. issues with mining or previous industrial use. Plus they offer a face to face personal service which an online operation cannot.

We would be happy to ask a couple of local firms to contact you to provide a quote for acting in the sale (and any onward purchase).


Prepare any Paperwork

It’s a good idea to pull together all your paperwork for the property. If there are any guarantees for work you’ve had carried out or certificates for any structural works/extensions, then it is very helpful to have these to hand from the outset so you can show these to your estate agent and any prospective buyers if they wish to see them on viewings. Your solicitor will also require this paperwork from you at the time a sale has been agreed.

If you know that your property has been extended but are unable to find permissions, then it might be worth making some enquiries with the local council ahead of time to get copies of this paperwork to avoid a delay further down the line.




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